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GOON GURLS DON’T CRY X HOMIE – A Blessing in Disguise

What began as a creative outlet for Melbourne based Ellen Jacobsen and Marly Edwards a little over a year ago, quickly gained traction and became a cult hit known today as Goon Gurls Don’t Cry, Beginning with patch designs, the dynamic duo wanted to create fashion pieces that has a story behind them, in fact every piece designed by the tw has been inspired by a moment in their lives. Haven’t we all had a “love sick” moment or a night where the “pleasure was all ours”?

In fact that’s one of the great things about this pair, their ability to draw from their personal experiences means that their fun loving and carefree nature is reflected through their designs. The result is always unique collectable pieces which celebrate babes having fun and enjoying life.

GGDC have been connected with HoMie since day one, so the decision to collaborate on an Artist Series collection together was a no brainer for all parties involved. After the GGDC first patch design flew out the door (and continued to sell out everytime it was restocked) the decision to design beyond patches was the next challenge for the two, not only that, to be able to design with the Goon Gurls flair but match the desire from the HoMie customer.

Up for any challenge, the pair used print, embroidery and patches to create variety in their Artist Series collection and also made sure that there was a common theme and complimentary color palette across the pieces so everything came together seamlessly.

“One of the most amazing things we respect about HoMie is how easy they make it for people to be charitable. Its offering young people a way to be charitable that makes it incidental to their interests. So you so can shop, be into fashion and buy yourself some sick new clothes but also be donating to charity at the same time.”

The girls wanted to expand on the idea that you don’t have to be a “saint” to do something good, elaborating in their own way, one of the HoMie values that “Caring Is Cool”.It’s simple really; small things that you do in your own everyday life can make a big difference in the lives of others. “By making informed decisions about where you shop, what you buy and what you wear you can make a difference. We all have decisions presented to us everyday, and its up to us to 'do something'.”

“A HoMie t-shirt really is a blessing in disguise, because a small thing such as buying a t-shirt can go a seriously long way in the life of a young person experiencing homelessness.”